Citrix Data Room

Best Practices for Using a Citrix Data Room

Because of today’s mobile workforce, transactions can take place anywhere and on any device. However, smooth, secure access to the most sensitive data and workflows is frequently hampered by difficult-to-use and inflexible tools. It requires a strong VDR solution that provides a consistent, safe experience for apps, content workflows, and data.

  • A secure VDR solution protects remote access to confidential data and workflows on any device, anywhere.
  • Content Collaboration using Citrix VDR offers IT a strong, secure solution with numerous security measures to safeguard data and workflows.
  • Create and secure important workflows while providing proactive analytics to IT for complete visibility into the environment.

Business Outcomes

With human mistakes accounting for 88% of internal attacks1, the danger of hacking is significant. A single breach can cost a company up to $8.64 million2. It can be difficult to support flexible work while yet keeping files secure. To assist you, VDR provides extensive enterprise-grade controls to monitor how sensitive information is viewed, stored, and shared.

Securely Accelerate Agreements

An increasingly mobile workforce, along with a brisk M&A market, necessitates systems that safeguard data and workflows on any device, anytime. VDR safeguards your sensitive procedures while expediting secret business agreements and fostering a productive environment. Users may automate workflows, track real-time updates, gather legally binding electronic signatures, and expedite document approvals. As a result, regardless of location, your priority deals and agreements will finish more quickly, safely, and without irritation.

Keep an Eye on Activity to Ensure Complete Visibility

With client agreements, keeping track of user activity and workflows is crucial. Comprehensive audit logs and click trails provide complete visibility into each user’s actions. You may schedule account reports and receive email alerts when there is activity on your account. Notifications also notify your other parties when you upload a file for them to view.

The Use Cases of Citrix

Citrix is primarily used by our company’s two major departments, Preconstruction, and Operations. It is used instead of running/hosting an FTP site. Its primary use in this context is to host files that we want to share and work with persons outside our organization. It is used by the Precon department to host files for bids, and if we win the job, the Citrix site is moved to the Ops department to exchange data for the remainder of the project. It eliminates the need to share huge files outside of our organization. We also use Citrix functionality to make internal files available to our remote staff via a mobile app.


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